Website design, hosting and maintenance

Webhosting explained

To be available to internet users, the files that make up your website must be hosted on a 'server': a computer that is accessible by users all over the world.

VPS vs. shared hosting

Most small and medium sized websites use what is called 'shared hosting' - that is, they share a server with thousands of other, unconnected sites. The security of the server is only as good as its least secure site, so the presence of vulnerable, poorly-maintained or malicious sites can put at risk every site on the same sever.

All Zipfish sites are hosted on our own Virtual Private Server with leading Joomla! host Siteground. As all the sites sharing the VPS are managed by us, we can ensure that security updates are promptly applied and each site is monitored for security threats and violations. This managed service enables us to offer VPS security and stability at prices that match - and often undercut - normal shared hosting.

What if I already have a web host?

If your domain is already hosted on another server, we can arrange a transfer to our own. You can stay with your existing web host if you prefer, but we do not recommend it: servers vary, and we have chosen ours because it's safe, fast, reliable, and provides the right environment for the websites we build. Problems caused by an unsuitable hosting environment are not covered under the free support element of our packages, and some of the website elements offered may not function correctly on some servers.


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