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Akeeba Backup

Zipfish has a pro subscription to this utility, and it’s installed free of charge on all the sites we build and maintain. Once it’s up and running, it takes just a couple of clicks to make a backup of the whole site and its database, and the result is a single file that can be uploaded and restored to the same or a new server with the help of Akeeba’s Kickstart utility.

The generated backup file is stored with the website’s files on the server, so obviously any failure involving destruction of the site’s files would also destroy the backup. To guard against this eventuality, we download and archive backups when sites are first launched, and from time to time we make and download further backups as an additional security measure (though this is not officially included in the hosting and support package and the existence of a current backup is therefore not guaranteed).

Some sites need extra security

For most sites, this provides an acceptable level of security: all that will be lost in the event of a catastrophic failure or hacking attack will be any changes made to the site since the last good backup in our archive. Sites with constantly changing data that can’t be replaced (such as the transaction records in an online shop or membership records on restricted-content site) may need a higher level of security, and in that case we can either provide site owners with FTP details to download their own backups or quote for a regular backup, download and storage service.

Back up before edits

Even if you don’t run an online shop or a membership system, it’s worth taking a backup before you make significant changes to your site’s content. If it all goes horribly wrong (e.g., you accidentally delete something that you can’t replace or mess up a layout that took ages to create), your backup can be used to restore your site to its state before you started.

  • In the admin area’s top menu, choose Components, then Akeeba Backup.
  • Under ‘Basic Operations’, click ‘Backup Now’.
  • Leave the  ‘ANGIE password’ and ‘Backup comment’ boxes blank, and click the blue ‘Backup Now’ button.

The backup will take a few minutes to run, and you should leave the browser window open on that page until you see the ‘Backup completed successfully’ message.

Backup restoration

Backup restoration is not a one-click process, and it helps if you have some experience of FTP and MySQL databases. Our charge for restoring a backup to our own server is £20 (other servers quoted individually).