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From time to time, you may log into your site’s admin area and see a notification that Joomla! core or extension updates are available. It’s extremely important that updates are applied promptly as they often address bugs in previous releases or patch security holes that could let hackers in to your site, but you don’t need to take any action to apply the updates yourself: we will do this as part of the package on all the sites we host and maintain.


It’s important that updates are applied promptly, but there are also some risks in applying updates immediately the notification appears: sometimes updates don’t work properly or cause conflicts with other extensions, and occasionally they can bring down the whole site. For this reason, we normally apply updates to our own sites first and then to clients’ sites once we know they’re safe. If the notification doesn’t disappear immediately, it doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten – we’re just waiting until we're sure it's safe to proceed.