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NoNumber SlidersNoNumber Joomla! extensions are the work of Dutch developer Peter Van Western, and in our experience they're among the most useful and reliable available. 'Sliders' in particular is indispensable on sites where a lot of information needs to be crammed onto the page, keeping the main points 'above the fold' even on small screens. 

It's easy to use, too: once the extension is installed, simply enclose each heading in a short piece of code - like this, except with curly rather than round brackets: (slider This is the heading). Viewed on the site, the text under the heading will concertina out of sight, so that on arrival the visitor sees only the headings and can click to reveal the text underneath. Another short piece of code signals the end of the last slider, and the rest of the text on the page will display normally. You can see examples here: and here: 

Sliders really comes into its own on mobile devices, where long pages mean endless scrolling with no possibility of skipping the bits that aren't relevant. If you'd like to see it on your own Zipfish site, get in touch.